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Alkaline resistance
Acid resistance
Durable against acid , alkali and oil , etc
Good affinity with rubber , cement , and resin
Hydrophilic property
Wet strength
Strong paper
Function as a binder fiber <<KURALON>>
Function as a binder fiber <<Polyester>>
Function as a binder fiber <<EVOH fiber>>
Heat resistance <<PA9T fiber>>
Heat resistance <<Polyester>>
Moist and smooth sheet
Fluffy peach skin sheet
Close-packing structured paper
Pore size free paper<<KURALON>>
Pore size free paper<<Polyester>>

※1 Binder fiber means fiber that melts during the paper making process to function as an adhesive.

Search by applications

Alkaline manganese battery separator
Masking tape
Fiber reinforced plastic (FRP)
Base material for wooden floor
Shoji paper/Wrapping paper
Inorganic paper (Printed wiring board, Heat insulating material, etc.)
Various filters
Tea bag
Drainage bag
Paper hand towel
Stencil paper
Secondary battery separator
Cosmetic face mask

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